Use Fresh and Localized Content
to engage your gamers


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Make your games Dynamic. Update on the go!!

Control your game content with i18n Panel and roll out new looking game instantly

We make your games look fresh

While you concentrate on making them awesome


Free and Quick

Our plugin is free to use. With straightforward integration, it takes less than 5 minutes to get going.


Analytics and targeting

User analytics and campaign targeting based on user location and game context.


Localize on the go

Change your in-game assets for different events depending on when and where the game is played.


Control the campaigns

Through our i18n Panel, you decide the assets to be monetised and the brands appearing on them.

Brand your game assets real time!!

Setup your game profile on GreedyGame i18n Panel and post assets, get analytics and reach out to brands.

How is this different from advergames?

Advergames are built from scratch to serve particular campaign and hence, are not scalable. GreedyAds solve the problem of scalability in a unique way leveraging the already engaged users of the game with brands.

Do I have complete control over branding of the game assets?

Absolutely. Being the game developer, you have the full control over which assets you want to monetize as well as approving the brands appearing in your game.

What do I need to do for integrating it in game?

It is a simple one-time integration. We have made plugins for leading game engines. Add it to your game project and mark the assets that you want to brand. That's it! You games would be live on our i18n Panel.

What is the pricing model in these ads?

The ads are served on the standard CPM model. We count each impression at our end and the revenue generated from the game would be shared with game developers.

The Most Simple yet Powerful Way
to internationalize your games

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