May 2019

App Store vs Play Store : App Store vs Play Store : Where to Launch The App First?

Do you know the fact there are more than 5 billion mobile users across the globe?

And when we look at the OS of these mobile users, the major part is covered by two most famous platforms, that is Android and iOS.

And this is the reason why many of us get confused about which platform to select first while launching the application.

In this article, I will try addressing this confusion in the article.

5 Factors to Look For When Choosing the App Development Platform

  • Your targeted audience
  • Features you include
  • Your expected revenue goal
  • Resource you want to spent
  • Timeline

Let us discuss these in detail now.

Which Audience You Plan to Target?

As we know Android holds a huge market share while iOS is known for its security and customer spending.

You need to first answer for yourself about what exactly is your app’s purpose, which audience best suits your app and what regions you are targeting?

If you want to target a massive global audience, then Android can be a choice. On the other hand, if your app is about enterprise or eCommerce, iOS is a better choice.

Also, do not forget the region you’re planning to target. The below-given map shows the dominance of Android and iOS in different regions.

What Features Are You Including?

Android is an open source platform which directly means that you’ve more flexibility for customization. You can easily build the features and designs that your targeted audience demands.

For iOS security is the first priority, hence it may/may not provide such customization. And this is the main reason why iOS has a large audience base in the enterprise apps.

What ROI Are You Expecting?

Coming to App monetization, there are a few differences between Android and iOS.

Android users are less willing to pay for an app in comparison to the iOS ones. In fact, as per the reports, the App Store generates twice the revenue in comparison to the Play Store, though Android is slowly reducing this revenue gap.

Also, if you want to monetize your app without advertisement, then iOS is a better choice.

What is Your Budget?

To develop an app for iOS is easier, more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

As per one of the analysis, Android development time takes 30-40% more in comparison to iOS. Android apps are java based applications which require more coding, which, in turn, is time-consuming.

One thing to note is that, the cost of app development is directly proportional to the time taken to build an app.

What Timeline You Expect For Your App Launch?

If you want rapid development, then iOS could be your first choice. As its development as well as deployment time is faster than that of Android.

But you should also remember that Apple has stricter guidelines and there is a chance for rejection of your application.

Android vs iOS: Which to Go First?

There are a lot of other smaller factors for each app which could affect this decision. But irrespective, your app’s purpose and features it provides to the user is the ultimate factor for the success, whether in app store or play store. But the points discussed above should be a good starting point, and we hope would help in creating a successful app.


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