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GreedyGame is developing the next generation platform for developers. This combines proprietary technology and expertise in game engines, ML/AI, ad bidding and image rendering. These tools enhance the interaction between the user and the ad ensuring high ad performance.

60-100 hours saved per month

With our performance automation tools and dedicated product engineers, we save you time to focus on what’s important – your app.

3x CTR jump

Our recommendation engine includes pre-designed templates and a ML warehouse to ensure best CTRs for your ad-unit. All updates OTA.

5 Minute Native Ad Integration

Install our SDK to your project. We support Unity, Cocos2d-x, Android and iOS.

Setup your ad units. It can be of any shape and size that fits well with your game UI. You have total control.

Test your game with real ads and real-time stats. Experience native ads as your users would see it.

Go live with your game and start making money instantly.

30% Revenue jump

Google AdMob
channel partner

10+ premium
demand sources

90% Fill Rate

Cutting edge
Ad-Mediation services