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GreedyGame is developing the next generation platform for developers. This combines proprietary technology and expertise in ML/AI, ad bidding and image rendering. These tools enhance the interaction between the user and the ad ensuring high ad performance.

Premium Demand

Increase your ARPDAU immediately with the highest CPMs in the industry. We work with the top brands and advertisers globally, and our technology makes sure you get the highest price for each impression.

60-100 hours saved per month

With our performance automation tools and dedicated product engineers, we save you time to focus on what’s important – your app.

3x CTR jump

Our recommendation engine includes pre-designed templates and a ML warehouse to ensure best CTRs for your ad-unit. All updates OTA.

Estimate Your Revenue

Native ads are known for its branding. What is relatively unknown is the revenue they can deliver. With our revenue calculator, see for yourself how much revenue you can expect from native ads.

Native Ad Example

We have collected our best Native ad implementation for you. You can filter according to Google Play store categories and app-screens to understand Native ads’ design potential.