Ad Strategy Consulting
for Mobile Apps and Games

Monetisation Strategy

Personalized Strategy for your Goals

With access to the best monetization strategies identified through AdMob partner team and our network of developers, we tailor make each strategy to suit your goals.

Compare your strategy with latest trends and updates in the market.

Benchmark your numbers across industry standards and competitors.

Work with our experts to define clear path, simple actions and measurable milestones to reach your revenue goal.

AdMob Setup

The Support you deserve

Connect with AdMob Experts to identify product updates relevant for you; Resolve issues quickly through guaranteed support.

Get access to AdMob technical support.

Get insight on why you got a policy violation and how to resolve it.

Identify and implement AdMob features guaranteed to increase revenue

Find revenue opportunities through AdMob report analysis.

Placement Design

High performance placements. Guaranteed!

Our Experts help you identify and create placements for all revenue goals – Ads only,  IAP + Ads.

Optimize existing ad placements. 

Identify new ad placement basis success in similar top apps.

Establish an ad density/user to ensure high user retention.

Create country specific placement strategy to increase revenues from low IAP countries.

Ensure ads are 100% policy compliant.

Mediation Strategy

Highest earning Ad for each placement

Ad Source A $11 2nd 3rd Ad Source B $10 4th Ad Source C $10 5th Ad Source D $8 6th Ad Source E $4 7th Ad Source F $2 New Bidding Source $16 1st

Create a step-by-step data driven recipe on reaching revenue targets through mediation.

Identify the best networks as per your app category, geography and app vitals.

Increase revenue from each ad-network through multiple optimization models.

Resolve mediation setup issues.

Ad Source A $11 2nd 3rd Ad Source B $10 4th Ad Source C $10 5th Ad Source D $8 6th Ad Source E $4 7th Ad Source F $2 New Bidding Source $16 1st

Firebase Consulting

Unlock Data driven Insights

Work with our Experts to unlock the full potential of Firebase to get actionable business insights on Firebase reports

Create user segmentation to show different ads to different users using Remote Configuration and Dynamic Links.

A/B testing (idea to execution) to develop new ad strategies.

Calculate LTV (lifetime value) of users from Firebase data and plan your app promotion budget.

Gets insights into how to improve revenue for rewarded ads.

Why Work with Us

Many more Benefits

Validate your monetization strategies against the market.

Establish clear benchmark numbers for monetization KPIs including CPM, Match Rate and Revenue expectation.

Get access to AdMob team through us.

Access the industry first best practices on improving revenues.

Get clear actionables on how to solve policy violations.

Ensure your app or your AdMob account never gets blocked.

Get simple steps on how to reach your revenue goals.

Get started in 3 simple steps


Share your AdMob Publisher Id.
*No SDK Integration required


We send you the onboarding proposal on your AdMob dashboard.


Review and approve the onboarding proposal on your AdMob dashboard.

Success stories with Plan-A Case Studies

Case Studies

Success Stories with Plan A


MindYourLogic increases their revenue by 40% with just 1 app update.


TeslaTech doubles its interstitial revenue by  improving CPMs.

Innovana TechLabs

Using Plan A, Innovana TechLabs sees a 2X jump in ad revenue.


AppDreamers increases its Interstitial revenue by 120% with PLAN-A partnership

Hangover Studios

Plan A solves policy violations for Hangover Studios within 20 days