Mobile ad mediation is a mobile app monetization solution that facilitates app developers (a.k.a. publishers) to set, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks of their choice with only one SDK integration instead of integrating with hundreds of SDK and pushing out an app update to all app stores.
Why do publishers need Ad mediation platform?
At times, publishers with higher ad inventory are unable to sell through one ad network or their direct sales team. Thus they have to work with multiple mobile ad networks to ensure that their ad inventories are sold. In order to maximize the fill rate and ensure high eCPM, they dedicate lot of time in continuously optimizing the network, deciding which network to choose and when. Even after doing this, there is always some scope of improvement left.
Mobile Ad mediation uses its own optimization algorithm to identify the best ad network for your inventory, thereby saving you from the hassle of selecting and optimizing various ad networks manually to get high yield. To be precise, Ad mediation have been found to generate revenue 3x higher.
Ad Mediation = Ad Monetization
How Ad mediation works?
  • When multiple mobile Ad networks are setup, Ad mediation sends ad requests to these networks to help publisher find the best network to fill the inventory.
  • At first, various ad networks are ranked in the order of preference of publisher.
  • Next, the mediation platform selects the ad network with highest rank and decides if it can fill the ad request or not. If it can not, the mediation platform selects the next ranked ad network and so on until it fills the ad request.
The mediation platform makes sure that for every ad request generated, it finds the best ad network matching publisher’s priorities (like, high revenue and high eCPM) in the best possible way.
How can Publisher Get Started?
On the publisher’s side, the effort required is to prioritize the list of mobile ad networks available. In order to prioritize effectively, publisher can run a test with mediation platform and rank the performing ad networks accordingly. Payments from each ad network can come directly to publisher through mediation platform.
From a publisher’s point, with the option of so many Ad networks to choose from, it is more of a necessity than option to opt Ad mediation, if the publisher wants to maximise fill rate and ensure higher eCPM.
Benefits of using Ad Mediation:
  • High eCPM and Ad Revenue maximization
Ad Mediation platform keeps checking for ad networks that offer higher eCPM. Often, the chances of winning an impression is higher for Ad network with higher eCPM. This competition ensures that the publisher is benefited most in terms of revenue.
  • High fill rate
In Ad mediation, multiple ad networks are leveraged to cover almost all the regions from which the ad request is generated. This ensures that there is always one ad network that can effectively fill the requests originating from a particular region much better than other networks,. This in turn ensures high fill rate to get the most out of app’s ad inventory.
  • Single SDK integration
If for every ad network, publisher has to integrate different SDK manually, it not only takes time but also slows down the app performance. This negatively affects user experience as the app becomes inconsistent and unpredictable. With Ad mediation, only one SDK integration is required which aggregates all the ad networks into it.
  • Automated optimization
Without ad mediation, publisher have to manually manage the waterfall which will not only take time but also leaves scope for further improvement. Ad mediation real time optimization algorithm automates this process making it easier for publisher and ensuring highest possible yield based on publisher’s priority

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