What is Ad SDK
An Ad SDK, used to bundle multiple ad request APIs, provides a standard kit for app developers to control when, where and how ads are placed in their application. When it comes to choosing a solution for mobile game monetization, developers always face difficulties to find an SDK which will benefit them in the long run. App developers need at least one ad SDK as a mediation platform to run other ad networks/ SSPs.
There are different factors to look into before selecting an SDK. A good SDK is one which delivers a quality user experience for the end user and high revenues for the developer.
Factors to select ad SDK
File Size:
File size is a big factor when it comes to evaluating an SDK. Your app size will increases once you integrate an SDK. If the SDK size is too big it can increase your app size which might limit you to the devices you can target, hence limiting your target audience. Ideal app size is between 25-50Mbs giving you access to audiences in even countries such as India, Africa, SEA where a large population of smartphone users are entry level users with low memory devices. A typical Ad SDK weighs about 1Mb. A good one around 500 Kbs.
What worse than a bad ad experience? A game that crashes because of an Ad. A stable SDK is very important and has to be tested to ensure it doesn’t have a negative impact on the game and its users. Ensure you speak to the ad partner to check their implementation in apps similar in scale. You can even integrate it on a test game and understand all possible corner cases before you start integrating into your main game. A third way to go about doing it is to roll updates to an only certain set of users and check performance for a few days before rolling it out to all your users.
Ease of integration:
Time is money. A lot of Ad partners provide documentation in the form of videos, FAQs, sample apps etc to ensure easy understanding of SDK integration. But when you’re in the process of integration and you get stuck – you need immediate answers. Ensure that you have dedicated support groups with the Ad partner team such as a Skype group, Slack channel etc.
Ad SDKs are designed to maximize ad revenues for publishers by reducing the effort for the developer. A good ad SDK should provide the freedom to connect additional SSPs, Ad Networks and DSPs to maximize the developer’s revenues. Such an ad partner is referred within adtech as ad mediation.

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