What are Native Ads?
Native advertising is a form of paid advertising that matches the look, feel and function of the format in which they are shown. This format could be any application be it a social media app as described above, news app or even a gaming app.
Best examples of Native Ads?
When you are browsing through your social media feed(say facebook, see below) and you come across some posts which share the same features as other peoples’ post, thus are ads with native post’s look and feel.
Ad Tech Simplified Native ads
Are native ads unethical?
These ads are generally less intrusive from the user point of view and provide more engagement from an advertiser perspective. Also, there is ‘ad’ tag on the ad-space according to law. Hence they are increasingly becoming more relevant in the world of digital advertising. This is backed up by statistics and facts showing the spend on these ads as rising significantly year on year for the last 3-4 years.
What are in-game native ads?
As we now have explained native advertising it is is time to get into detail about in-game native ads. These are a sub-type of Native Ads and are present in game, embedded in it such that feels like a part of game. These are dynamic in terms that every impression has real time bidding for it.
Best examples of mobile native ads?
An example could be relevant ads appearing on the boundaries of a cricket game(see animation below) which are programmatically displayed in real time according to information about the user such as his nationality.
Are native ads effective?
In such a scenario not only do these ads provide less intrusiveness to a user but they also provide an additional source of revenue to the game owner/developer. This is because these ads do not compete with traditional ad spots but provide new positions & areas that can be monetized. Finally native ads drive higher performance in metrics such as click through rates and engagement rates as users generally prefer these over other more obtrusive ad formats.
Ad Tech Simplified In game native ads

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