Demand-side platform (DSP) are the flip side of supply-side platforms (SSP), which allows buyers of mobile advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface. DSPs represent the interests of buyers and SSPs represent the interests of publishers. DPSs can be used to buy most types of digital advertising, including display, mobile, search, native and video.Like search ads on desktop, demand-side platform can optimize on set KPIs such as effective cost per click(eCPM), and effective cost per action(eCPA).
How does a DSP works
DSPs are third-party software that allow you to purchase, analyze, manage ads across many networks from a single place. Its is different from individual network (i.e if you are managing ads from google display network, you have to buy impression on google publishers only) same for facebook and instagram. Everything is automatic through DSP, there is no longer a need for a human to negotiate prices with the publishers. The impressions will simply be won by the highest bidder.
Ad Tech Simplified Demand Side Platform
Advantages of a DSP
  • With DSP you can manage multiple campaign across many networks. This way, everything is adjustable from one dashboard.
  • Advanced Targeting. Instead of randomly putting your ads anywhere, DSPs will decide which impressions are most valuable to your campaign.
  • DSPs integrate more data to advertisers from third-party data providers (DMPs) than a single ad network
  • More sophisticated targeting. With more data comes pinpoint targeting capabilities. Better targeting means more personalized ads and landing pages
  • Efficient use of capital. The DSP technology determines which impressions will generate the most value for your specific campaign efforts so you don’t end up wasting money on ad space that won’t induce results
  • Remarkable Stats. DSPs provide complete statistics on things such as click-through rate, website traffic, and page view lift.
What are some of the major DSPs?
Major companies in this space include AppNexus, AudienceScience, DataXu, DoubleClick Bid Manager, MediaMath.

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