Mobile game monetization is the means for an application developer to earn revenue from his games. Let’s go into detail about these types of monetization options available-
Direct purchaseThe is merely the act of selling your application to a consumer at a specific price point. At one point of time this was the most common and only way of monetizing your application but now it lags behind some other forms which are mentioned below.
IAPThis is the short form of In-application purchase. This form of monetization works in a number of ways:
  1. An app developer or publisher may allow the user to sample the experience for free and allow him to purchase the full experience.
  2. An app developer or publisher may allow the user to experience the full version but for a limited period or with ads. A purchase would allow the user a full experience permanently in the first case and without ads in the second case.
  3. An app developer may allow the user to purchase additional content such as bonus levels from a future downloadable content release, extra lifes or even cosmetic upgrades.
SubscriptionThis is a periodic fee that a user pays for continued use of an application. App categories that include this payment model include news apps, streaming apps, and dating apps.
AdvertisingThis is the most common method of monetizing an application now. Many different forms of advertising can be utilized. These include-
  1. Banner advertisements are ads that are very commonly used and many of these in different sizes could be part of an application.
  2. Rewarded videos are now an increasingly popular ad category whereby a user can watch an advertisement to get in-game credit or lives.
  3. Native ads are an upcoming category of ads that fit the look and feel of the application they are part of.

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