A Supply Side Platform (SSP) also called a sell-side platform or yield optimization platform, is a technology that helps mobile game publishers manage their advertising impression inventory and maximize revenue. Publishers use a supply-side platform to automate and optimize the selling of their ad space.
How does an SSP work
SSP is a supply side platform that gathers many types of advertising demand for publishers. This includes demand from both traditional ad networks and ad exchanges which in turn interface with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).The system analyzes the offer to ensure the target group guidelines coincide with the demand, before serving the ads. The SSP then bundles together all the offers before determining the highest bid and selecting the corresponding ad. They often use real-time bidding (RTB) to complete DSP transaction.
Ad Tech Simplified Supply Side Platform
Advantages of SSP
Supply-side platform lets publishers manage multiple ad networks with a single SDK integration, making the entire app monetization process much simpler.The main goal is to sell inventory for the highest possible price, thereby maximizing your profits and optimizing the process.
  • With Supply side platform, publishers can manage their entire strategy through just one platform.
  • Most of the SSPs help you reach 99% fill rate globally.
  • Supply side platforms help to make the process fast and efficient for publisher; rather than going to advertisers directly, you can rely on SSPs to do this and fill all the inventory.
  • Centralized dashboard which gives you a clear overview of all your ad revenues, and to execute your ad monetization strategy it also provide analytics and other tool to manage and optimize your ad revenue.
  • To make the most of multiple demand sources a publisher would need to hire additional resources to manage the waterfall since adnetworks might be integrated through S2S, RTB or SDK mediation but with SSP all this is managed at their end to make optimizing multiple demand sources by simply moving them up or down on the dashboard.
  • Some supply side platform now even offer ad format optimization through insights on how they can place their ad units better to get better CTRs and hence better CPMs.
  • Brands today constantly ask for new tools such as fraud detection, viewability. With an SSP on board, it becomes their responsibility to constantly update the latest tools to ensure a game publisher is never losing out on revenues.
What are some of the major SSPs
Banner Ads
MoPub, UnityAds, Nexage (millennial media), Applovin, Revmob, Inmobi
Video Ads
Vungle, Chartboost, Inneractive, AdMob by Google
Native Ads
GreedyGame, DoubleClick by Google, Avocarrot, Mobvista, AdMob by Google

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