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In Google’s latest announcement on 22nd July 2019, AdMob shared some key updates regarding AdMob’s support for native ads –
  1. Native Advanced was previously available only in its beta version. It has now been released with its whole set of features including pre-built templates and detailed policies on native ad design.
  2. Its is also now open for all publishers. You can now find the native advanced unit under app-ad unit(see below).


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Who should care?
App and Game Developers, who wish to monetize their apps with native ads, now have direct access to the most premium native demand in the market.
Native Ads : Native advertising is a form of paid advertising that matches the look, feel and function of the format in which they are shown. This format could be any application be it a social media app as described above, news app or even a gaming apps. Read more..
What is AdMob Native Ads Advanced?
Native Ads Advanced in an SDK solution for app and game developers which provides loose ad assets.
The developer can then design custom ad spots of any shape, design and functionality and display the ad assets within them. This gives publishers a lot of flexibility on ad design.
The native ad advanced was launched to address the problem of bad ads. Without publisher control, ads become rigid and feel out of place.
Read more about the Native Ads Advanced here.
Why use native ads?
There are a multitude of benefits –
1. Common belief would say that Native Advanced should be looked at replacing one of the existing formats. As with other formats, when you add another ad slot, you cannibalize your revenue.
  • At GreedyGame, we’ve realized, that if implemented in the proper manner through careful consideration of current ad spots, app/game UI and user flow, native ads can create a completely new source of revenue without disturbing your existing revenue i.e. make more revenue from the same set of users.
  • With some of the game developers we work, we’ve seen an uptake of more than 30% in revenues.
2. Native ads lead to increase in engagement.
  • GreedyGame data shows that native ads when placed well improve overall retention of user as well as increase engagement rates.
  • When ad templates are updated periodically to prevent ad blindness and templates are dynamic to change as per content, users have given more notice to the ad.
Still unsure of native Ads? Why not check our Native Ads CPM calculator.
Other players in the market ?
Apart from Google’s AdMob Native Advanced, other big players in the industry are Facebook’s FAN (Facebook Audience Network) and Twitter’s MoPub.
Want more information on how to implement native ads within your app or game? Contact us.
GreedyGame is a optimization platform for native ads which helps you seamless onboard all native demand including AdMob Native Advanced, FAN and Mopub.
We provide you with tools that let you integrate native ads in less than 8 hours, optimize revenue by changing templates over-the-air and a recommendation engine for ad placements that ensure ZERO policy violations and maximum show rate.
Please find the original announcement link here.

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