At GreedyGame, we spend a large amount of time building native ad unit templates (clickable and non-clickable) that fit the design of the game that maximize the publishers yield i.e. CTR, eCPM and hence revenue.
The templates that we build help render programmatic ads in real time. This involves understanding what inputs are available, selection of a template that fits the elements available, application of filters on image and text, layering it with the template and finally replacing the original unit or layering on top of it with the new sprite. All this in less than a second.
Fields available through programmatic partners –
1) Native app install Ad-response
Native app install Ad-response
Native app install Ad-response video ads
2) Native Content Ad-response
Native Content Ad-response
The available fields varies as per partner, country and even advertiser.
The two most commonly observed fields are Headline and App Icon/Logo – from our data we have seen that these two content units express the product features to a good extend to be able to generate interest towards the clickable icon.
Headline as a text starts as small as 5 characters to upto 250 characters. 95% of cases are within 25 characters. App icon/Logo comes as a 50px by 50px or 100px by 100px size.
While we design each template keeping in mind the ratios and visibility, we’ve seen at times some native non-clickable elements appear smaller in the game based on where the central character is approaching it from within the game. Sometimes the unit is repeated among multiple places and hence visibility varies as per camera angle.
Here’s a sample from some of the integrated games. As you see the text in the non-clickable unit in the game is unrecognizable. This seemed to be repeating problem among multiple games –
Demolition derby GreedyGame
iBaloot GreedyGame
Bus Simulator GreedyGame
Hence to better our ad experience we’ve launched multiline text support. This enables us to reset templates even post game launch on the playstore. With this a larger amount of text can be accomodated in multiple lines in the same native non-clickable unit. The text becomes more legible as the font is larger and utilizes the space better. This makes the text visible even if the unit is small or far away from the user. As the user is more aware of the advertiser’s message the chances of his/ her engaging with the native ads also increases, increasing the game’s yield.
This update is available in our 8.8.9 SDK
Here are the screenshots of the games, with the multiline support for the same ad –
IBaloot GreedyGame Native ads
Bus Simulator GreedyGame Native ads
Demolition Derby GreedyGame Native ads
We always appreciate any feedback that you may have for us on the units or template design so that we can continually improve the ad experience for your users.
Happy Monetization,

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