One of the most crucial task for us is to understand how native ads affect the publisher’s revenue.
The native ad draws the attention of a user. The user clicks on the ad. The resultant clicks create value for the advertiser and hence revenue for a publisher. Thus the primal focus of today’s study is to help you understand how you can increase the number of clicks on your native ads. Our native ad has two components, a clickable unit, and a non-clickable unit.
A clickable unit is like the game’s HUD on which the user clicks which redirects them to the advertiser’s destination. A non-clickable unit is the one which creates brand awareness and draws the user to the clickable units.
Through this study, we’ve designed two approaches by which units declared within the game-play screen can be made more effective.
Strategy 1 : Changing the role of Non-Clickable Units
A non-clickable unit occupies an area on the screen with high visibility to the users. The non-clickable units are usually placed within the peripheral axis of the game elements. Data shows that in some games users assume them to be clickable as well. In our study, we found that in such game scenarios users click on non-clickable units much more than they click on clickable units. Hence converting some of these non-clickable units to clickable units will increase the game’s show rate and hence its revenue.
One such example is HeroCraft – Farm Frenzy : Time Management App. A 2D game with a static background during gameplay. Farm Frenzy changed two of their non clickable game units to a clickable unit and saw an exponential rise in their show rate, and an increase of 3X in revenue the same day.
HeroCraft : Farm Frenzy (units which were converted to clickable)
So which units should you convert then? The above would suggest you should convert all units. But we wouldn’t recommend that to developers.
Other things to keep in mind before deciding which units to convert
This strategy works better with
– Games which have static backgrounds
– Non-clickable units which stay on screen for more than 10 secs
Strategy 2 : Make non clickable units as an integral part of the UI
An essential point to understand is units which can be integrated within game UI as natural ad spots and an essential part of game UI have a higher impact on show rate and revenue than non-natural ad spots. Natural ad spots are spots which mimic real life advertising strategies and thus can be used within the game as well.
Below are some examples –
Non-clickable hoardings in bus simulator Indonesia. These units have lights placed on them so that they can be visible even in night mode
Non-clickable units in demolition derby 2 are placed behind the railings around the racing track.
Callbreak Multiplayer utilized the table-top to show non-clickable units.
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