At GreedyGame we keep working on innovative ways and strategies to help publishers increase their revenue. In the first blog to this series, we talked about two ways to increase native ad revenue based on data collected so far.
Here’s a short recap of both strategies –
Strategy 1: Changing the role of Non-Clickable Units
A unit should be made clickable if the background is static and the unit is visible for more than 10 secs in one go. This has a direct impact on show rate and hence higher revenue.
Strategy 2: Make non-clickable units as an integral part of the UI
Natural ad spots within the game that mimic real-life advertising spots have a natural tendency to draw user attention which result in higher clicks on clickable units, hence higher revenue.
You can read more about it here.
In today’s article, we want to focus on the results of another game where we implemented Strategy 1 to increase their show rate and hence revenue.
One of our publisher partners, HGamesArt studio worked with us to implement strategy 1 within their game- Dino Simulator: Dino world which is an “Editor’s Choice” game on the playstore.
The initial integration, let’s call this ‘Case 1’, consisted of clickable units and non-clickable units. Here is the breakdown –
On analyzing the unit placements we saw that the game satisfied majority conditions for strategy 1. All units were large, well placed, each placement lasted for 10 secs or more and 2 of the 3 screens (Main menu 1, Main menu 2) had static backgrounds.
In the updated integration, ‘Stage 2’, we converted some of the non-clickable units to clickable and removed a few non-clickable units. Below is the breakdown of units –
The show rate increased from 2% to 12% and the number of clicks increased 3X.
This led to a 3X increase in revenue with the same number of ad requests and DAUs. In addition, GreedyGame now contributed to 25% of the game’s revenue.
Post-integration user drop still remained negligible.
Here is what Michal Vavra from HgamesArt had to say about this –
We were looking (on) how to increase revenue from our games and we perfectly found this in these types of ads, that aren’t that disruptive as Interstitials.”
About the Game:
Editor’s Choice
Installs: 10 million- 50 million
Google Play Rating: 4.0
We always appreciate any feedback that you may have for us so that we can continually improve the ad experience for your users.
Happy Monetization,

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