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Get Access to Premium Inventory
Get exposure to traffic from 1500+ Apps and games to choose the right fit for your target users.
Campaigns for Every App Objective
Optimised campaigns for each of your objectives - From scaling up your users with more installs to focusing on improving the ratio of In-App purchases on your app.
Dedicated Account Managers
Get personalized support from our app experts.
Revenue based Campaigns
Increase your sales and conversions with the help of our diversified inventory and optimisation experts. Take advantage of GreedyGame’s 300+ Affiliate network.
Work with our optimization experts and increase your sales and conversion ratios. Leverage GreedyGame’s 300+ Affiliate network!
Powerful Tracking & Reporting
Get comprehensive insights on your campaign performance - impressions, clicks and revenue.
Our experts monitor your daily campaign performance. Get key comprehensive insights - impressions, clicks, revenue and more.
Ad Campaign Optimization
Get your campaigns fast tracked by our Experts. Use our proven strategies to accelerate your performance through ​​CPI, CPR, CPL and other pricing models.
Get the help of our experts to accelerate your campaigns. Use our proven strategies to accelerate your performance through ​​CPI, CPR, CPL and other offerings.
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Increased Month-on-Month Revenue by 10x
InMobi partnered with GreedyGame to Run campaigns on its Ad units. By using our high performing Native Ads, interstitial banners InMobi increased its monthly revenue.
Arton Games
Scale app Registration by 5x
Arton Games shared their Ad unit with GreedyGame to connect with premium Advertisers and boost their App revenue. GreedyGame ran performance Campaigns for Rummy Circle.
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