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CPM stands for Cost-per-Mille, wherein "Mille" represents one thousand. Therefore it can be rightly said that CPM is an advertising payment model that suggests charging an advertiser for every 1,000 impressions of his ad inside mobile app publisher inventory.

CPM is the ad revenue generated per 1000 impressions. Ad revenue generated by a specific ad unit can be calculated with the help of CPM. Thus, CPM is the exact cost to the advertiser for a thousand hits. The higher the CPM, the larger profits a publisher makes.

Especially when it comes to mobile, CPM can be very effective at calculating the estimated revenue of an advertisement inside an app. As users don't have to interact or click on the ad itself, this can help to generate revenue more easily.

CPM is the most common method for pricing mobile ads and the most popular among mobile app publishers because of its focus on impressions and not clicks, which benefits publishers and helps them increase their revenues massively.

There are various ways of increasing your CPM, some of them are enlisted below:

  1. Experiment with Ad networks:

To put it simply ad networks are basically aggregators of demand and supply. How wisely you choose and use the ad network depends on you. An ad network helps in showing relevant ads to your users. There are various kinds of Ad networks which serve different kinds of purpose according to their capabilities.

To suffice this with an example, a vertical ad network can help your product if you have a niche to offer the audience. On the other hand, an inventory specific ad network can offer unique solutions to a specific ad inventory.

  1. Partner with Ad Mediation Agencies:

Ad Mediation agencies can help app publishers optimize their ad stack, improve your demands, open up your inventory to more bidders. Ad networks generally unite publishers and advertisers, and allocate ads on the basis of their own capabilities.

  1. Try different Ad formats

Now this is one thing which can make or break your whole CPM graph. Ad format is something that can also lead to higher or lower user retention. There are many kinds of Ad formats -

  • Banners- Permanent rectangular and square-shaped ad formats

  • Interstitial- These are the full page ads that occupy the full screen of users' devices. These generally lead to unpleasant user experience.

  • Video Ads- These are short videos ads that are these days very popular. They are both intended (skippable) and compulsory (non-skippable).

  • Native Ads- The ads that blend into the content of the app without disrupting user experience are Native Ads. The look and feel of theseĀ  Ads lead to higher user retention rates.

  1. Innovatively improvising ad placement

Ad placements play a very important role in the user retention as well as CPM. Placing ads in a manner that is violative of the policies of your network can lead to policy issues. Also, if the ads are not placed strategically, they might lie around idle with no clicks. Which is why a mixture of different ad formats and sizes can fetch higher CPM.

  1. Keep up with industry CPM

This is the most important point that the app publishers should never let go of. The ongoing trends and the reason behind those trends is somethingĀ  the publishers should always watch out for. Following trends can lead to higher traffic on the app which in turn will lead to higher CPM.

  1. Generate search engine traffic

SEO is the most authentic organic technique of driving traffic. This can lead to the app going viral and eventually lead to higher visitors in the app.

  1. App Content and Features

Last but not the least, the content of the app makes a huge difference in the traffic. The features of the app also lead to attracting users and keeping them on the app for a long time. Unique and different features lead to higher CPM.

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