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How Google AdX can boost your App Revenue?

With over 3.2 billion smartphone users across the globe, the mobile app industry is experiencing tremendous growth.

If you look around, every person’s eyes are glued to their mobile phone whether they are at work, home, on the drive, or even while eating. So what are they doing on their phones? Well, it’s not a surprise that around 88% of their mobile time is spent on apps.

As Mobile app usage is increasing, the number of apps downloaded is also growing. Last year, there were more than 218 billion mobile app downloads. That’s roughly a 55% jump between 2016 and 2020.

This global growth in App revenue and app installs opens new opportunities for app developers and publishers to build new apps. But the ultimate goal to develop an app is to monetize the app.

This article will discuss how you can scale your app revenue using Google Ad Manager(AdX).

What is In-App Advertising?

Making money with the right app monetization strategy is the next critical step after developing an app. Various app monetization strategies exist, including paid apps, in-app purchases, advertising, and other options. But with the increase of free apps, in-app advertising has become a popular app monetization strategy.

In-app advertising is a way for app developers to make money by serving ads within their apps. Mobile ads are served through a mobile ad network, a platform that connects developers and advertisers.


In-app advertising brings a lot of advantages to app developers and publishers. Here are few key benefits of using in-app advertising:

  • Earn more money by using various ad formats to test which ads resonate the most with your users.
  • Enhance your user experience by seamlessly integrating your ads to create a less disruptive and more engaging user experience. Thus increasing your user retention.
  • Increase your userbase with better targeting by displaying ads that are relevant to the context of your app.

Why use Google AdX?

Google Ad Manager(AdX) is one of the most popular advertising platforms available for app publishers.

Google AdX, formally known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, is an ad exchange platform for publishers to sell their ad inventory to advertisers and agencies, including AdSense, Ad Exchange, and demand-side platforms, using real-time bidding technology.

In Google AdX, ad spaces are used more efficiently across all inventory types (websites, mobile apps, videos, or games) due to a large set of advertisers and ad networks.

Google Ad Manager Dashboard

Google AdX can help you scale your app monetization. Using Google AdX over other advertising platforms has many advantages.

  1. Maximize ad revenue

With Google AdX, the publisher can access wider inventory types (website, mobile app, video, and games) for monetization. They get access to millions of advertisers and other third-party networks in real-time through Google’s demand with dynamic allocation. This increases the competition for ad inventories, ​​which results in increased revenue per ad unit sold.

Google AdX provides ad services, which include mediation and fallback ads to enhance your ad revenue.

  1. Granular Ad Targeting

Google AdX is known for its granular control over who gets to see your ads or what type of ad formats you want to show on your app. With Google AdX, you can target based on the below dimensions:

  • User Device category, including phone, tables, smartphones
  • Device manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, and others
  • Language
  • Operating system- iOS or android
  • Internet connection or mobile carrier
  • Geographic location


Google Ad Manager Targeting

These granular targeting options give you more control and help you optimize your ad revenue.

  1. Detailed Real-time Reporting

Understanding your ad performance data is critical for creating highly engaging ads that drive profits. Google Ad Manager reporting provides detailed reports on user engagement, user behaviour, ad performance, and more.

Google AdX provides reports on ad requests, device category and geo-location that helps you to get an overview of your user base visiting your app. Track your user engagement by monitoring click-through rates (CTR) and ad viewability. Using these reports, you can fine-tune your ad formats and placements to scale up your ad revenue.

Access reports like fill rates, eCPM, ad placement performance, or unfilled impressions to optimize your spendings and improve your revenue.

Google also provides reports on ad request discrepancies that notifies whether your ad inventories are utilized fully.


Google Ad Manager Reporting

Using these granular reports can help you make informed decisions to deliver the most effective ads to the most responsive users.

Maximize your app revenue with Google AdX and GreedyGame solutions

Understanding the importance of the right in-app advertising platform is an important component in scaling your mobile apps and games.

And if you’re interested in maximizing your ad revenue through in-app advertising, Google Ad Manager(AdX) is the best platform.

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At GreedyGame, our goal is to empower mobile app developers and publishers with services to boost their app monetization and growth. Being the Google Channel partner, GreedyGame can assist you in creating your Google Ad Manager account.

GreedyGame AdX Experts take care of your account operations, set up the monetization strategy based on your app category and performance, and resolve any policy violations for your app. Having worked with 2500+ apps, we have data-backed proven suggestions to help you identify the best performing ad placements, the right demand partners, set up mediation, and open bidding.

Our AdX Experts perform A/B testing with multiple ad formats and set up the right floor pricing to optimize your ad revenue.

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