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Introducing GROW: GreedyGame’s Self-Serve User Acquisition Platform

Your app might be the best of its kind, but have you discovered the strategy to grow it yet?

As app developers or app owners, the process of building an app can be tiresome with a myriad of things to deal with. Let’s consider you did them all, and now you have an app that’s ready to be used. But wait… who will use it? The challenge doesn’t end with creating and launching the app. In fact, new challenges await you in the process of exposing the app to the world and getting users to install it.

In other words, scaling an app can be a tedious job. Considering all the hurdles that can come your way, we have devised the ultimate solution.

Introducing GROW
Our brand new self-serve user acquisition platform to skyrocket your app growth!
GreedyGame’s Grow platform

Grow: Capabilities

Grow gives you complete control over your campaigns by allowing you to manage them from end to end - from creation to tracking. You can:

  • Choose from multiple cost models - CPI, CPR, CPA, CPL, etc.
  • Define your bid price.
  • Set up targeting on geolocations and OS.
  • Set up budgets.
  • Enable capping on budget, clicks, and conversions.
  • Track campaign statistics.

Grow: Solutions

All the capabilities listed above work in synergy to give you the best results for your user acquisition campaigns. Grow helps you:

  • Run campaigns globally with CPI starting at INR 1.
  • Get quality traffic from 5000+ apps.
  • Get access to 300+ affiliates.
  • Access premium inventory.

Moving on, we now want to get familiar with the Grow platform’s key features. Let’s start exploring!

Grow: Feature Highlights

Campaign creation

Although setting up a campaign to achieve the desired results can be a prolonged process, Grow simplifies it by splitting it into a few simple steps.

1. Campaign details

This is where you will specify the campaign name, preview URL (landing page for the campaign), campaign type, and goals or KPIs. You will also upload the ad creative here.

Grow - Campaign creation - Campaign Details

2. Tracking

In this step, you set up the tracking method for your campaigns. Tracking gives you an idea about the analytics and quality of your campaign. Grow offers three tracking options - tracking by Grow, third-party tracking, and tracking by a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). You can choose one and do the setup accordingly.

Grow - Campaign creation - Tracking

3. Targeting & Bid

Targeting allows you to choose the geolocations and the OS where you want to run your campaign. The bid price is the price at which you want to purchase inventory or ad space. Additionally, you can choose the capping on the daily budget, clicks, and conversions.

Grow - Campaign creation - Targeting

After you successfully create a campaign, it goes for approval to our Operations Team. It takes up to 24 hours for the approval process to complete. Once approved, the campaign goes live.

Grow - Campaigns list

Campaign statuses

A campaign’s status defines the different stages it has to go through. This information keeps you updated about what’s happening with your ad campaigns. Below are the different statuses of a campaign.

  • Under Review: A campaign is under review after you create it. Our Operations Team reviews your campaign for various aspects before approving it.
  • Approved: This means a green signal for your campaign. An approved campaign runs in your targeted geolocations and OS, within your budget, at the bid you made, and other KPI/details you provide.
  • Rejected: A campaign’s status is updated to Rejected when a campaign is disapproved due to reasons like policy violations. In such a case, Grow even shows you the reasons for rejection so you can work on fixing your campaign.
  • Capped: Grow allows you to set up daily capping on the budget, clicks, and conversions. When the capping threshold is reached, the campaign is paused. However, you can always resume the campaign by resetting the capping values.
  • Paused: A campaign is in the Paused state if you (advertiser) have paused it or the Grow Operations Team has paused it because of an issue in the campaign. You can request to resume the campaign anytime.

Analytics dashboard

Grow - Analytics dashboard

Analytics includes all the critical metrics you need to gauge the performance of your campaign. The metrics include clicks, conversions, spends, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. Knowing these details helps you understand whether you are spending in the right way or getting the expected results. Moreover, you can customize the Analytics view to see only the information important to you.

Grow - Analytics dashboard settings

Wallet and budget

The wallet allows easy spending as you don’t have to pay each time you want to start a campaign. You can add money to your wallet at once and use it for a campaign anytime. Additionally, you get an in-depth history of all the transactions you made along with the invoices, enabling you to keep track of the spending.

Grow - Wallet

24/7 customer support

Even though you get complete control over your campaigns, you still get 24/7 assistance from our Customer Support Team. You can send an email to grow-support@greedygame.com and have all your queries resolved in no time.

GreedyGame has tried to go the extra mile to make user acquisition easy, so you get the most out of your campaigns with the least effort.

50+ clients have already started using Grow, and here’s what some of them have to say:

Grow Platform is unbelievable. Huge traffic yet with high quality. It really contributed good amount in our revenue from last 3 months. Thanks to Grow team. All the best!

-Amar Vhanshetti, Sales and Support Head, Adglobi Media

It’s your turn to try it out!

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