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SDK X -- Ad Revenue Optimization Platform

We started GreedyGame to help app publishers generate more revenue through better ads. Over the years, we've realized it not the lack of high-paying ads but the right recipe for ad monetization that prevents publishers from attaining their goals. Since then, we've worked with developers hand-in-hand understanding how we can bridge this knowledge gap and make the process simple for publishers.

Presenting SDK X!!!

A revolutionary all-in-one ad revenue optimization platform developed with a vision to empower the app publishers to maximize their app monetization capabilities. With its ML & AI capabilities, SDK X automates everything starting from the Ad Templates that can adapt App & Ad Content, finding the best combination of demand partner & Ad Format to serve the highest revenue ad based on the real-time bids & much more.

SDK X enables app publishers to integrate these Native Ad Templates into the App without much effort. The platform is equipped with the functionality of adding Native Ad Templates behind any Banner or Interstitial Ad Formats.

Features of SDK X:

  • Improve your Fill Rates & eCPMs

SDK -- X is enabled with the auto-pilot feature that manages the priority of each Ad Format within the waterfall so the publisher always gets the highest eCPMs and Fill Rates for each placement. The Cross-Format Mediation between multiple Ad Formats for the same placement maximizes competition and yields the highest earning ads.

  • Fluid Ad Templates ( Ratio & Content Adaptive )

Its AI-Enabled engine does the heavy lifting of designing & testing the Ad Templates. The App publishers can now focus on monetizing their apps and skip the hassle of designing and testing Ad templates. The template designs adapt to ratio-maintained scaling of the ad unit & different android devices to ensure the ads always render beautifully. The Ad Template's CTA button automatically fetches the same color as the content of the ad giving it a Native look & feel, thus enhancing the CTR of such ads.

  • Integrate Native Ads with Ease

The platform is equipped with the functionality of automatically placing these Native Ad formats behind any other Ad formats like -- banner or Interstitial. This, in turn, increases the Ad revenue and fetches maximum results with minimum effort.

  • Automated Demand Mediation Process

Our ML-based optimization engine automates the Mediation between Demand Partners. The platform's intelligent bid comparison engine configures the best combination of partner and format to serve the highest revenue ad based on real-time bids. Publishers can choose from a list of 10+ Native Demand Partners.

  • Smart Refresh Rates

Smart Refresh Feature of SDK X automates the entire cycle of configuring audience cohorts, conducting multiple A/B testing, analyzing the results, tweaking the tests & repeat the process till you get the right refresh value for each ad unit. This ensures that app publishers make maximum revenue with minimum effort.

how to integrate sdk x

Why should App Publishers switch to SDK X?

  • Fast and easy to integrate with the app.

  • Complaint with Google policies and GDPR, COPPA & CCPA regulations.

  • Maximize revenue on remnant unfilled inventory.

  • 24×7 Dedicated account management support to manage all the daily ad ops challenges.

How SDK X has helped increase the AdMob revenue for apps of different categories?

SDK X is the world's first AI-enabled ad unit recommendation and creation engine for the implementation of Native Ads. It has already helped a lot of app publishers to increase their AdMob revenue.

  • Sports category apps usually see a surge of 2 Million+ DAUs whenever there is any match. SDK X is built with the capability of handling this sudden surge of ad requests and configure multiple demand partners. Usually, Sports category apps have seen a 2X increase in ARPDAU.

  • Dating category apps have seen a 50% increase in Ad revenue. Generally, these apps have fewer DAUs but it has shown better eCPMs.

  • Tools category apps have increased their Ad revenues by 25%. Along with this, eCPMs have increased by 60% yielding great results for them.

  • Gaming category app publishers have increased their Ad revenue by 30%.

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GreedyGame Media Pvt Ltd,
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HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102