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14 Revolutionary Benefits Of Self-Serve Advertising Platforms

Sabqat Ruba

Updated on January 24, 2023

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As programmatic media buyers are increasing, the AdTech industry has become focused on creating new ways to ease ad serving and improve various aspects of the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Self-serve advertising platforms are yet another outstanding contribution of AI and ML in the Adtech domain that are changing the perception of digital advertising. Let’s dive deeper into self-serve advertising platforms and their benefits.

What are self-serve advertising platforms

A self-serve advertising platform is an AI-powered programmatic advertising solution for app growth, user acquisition, and ad serving. It is fully automated, hence does not require human intervention, such as sales reps and ad operation executives, to create, run, and manage ad campaigns.

This platform is optimized to create custom campaigns by choosing the cost model, targeting, budget, and other specifications, then sending it for approval. Once the campaign is approved, your ads start running to achieve the targeted campaign objective.

Demand-side platform (DSP) vs. self-serve advertising platform

Many times, we confuse demand-side platforms with self-service platforms. However, there is a significant difference between these two.

Both demand-side platforms (DSP) and self-service advertising platforms serve the purpose of connecting you to supply sources. The main difference is the self-serve advertising platforms’ inability to let you choose the supply sources directly through the platform. In lieu, you can solely set up and run campaigns on such platforms.

For example, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other similar tools provide an interface to manage campaigns, but they are not DSPs.

Instead, they are self-serve advertising platforms because they do not let you choose specific audiences or publishing partners. Instead, your campaigns reach the audiences created or selected by the platforms based on the targeting you set up.

Benefits of self-serve advertising platforms

Self-serve advertising platforms are beneficial to any app, business, or website that aims to scale through ad campaigns. Below are the benefits.

Reduced human dependencies

Self-serve advertising platforms have the capability to automate the complete programmatic advertising approach. Hence, it does not require any involvement of a sales rep and ad operations expert is avoided. Moreover, you can modify your campaigns anytime, all by yourself, so dependency is reduced and the processes become notably faster.

Complete control over the campaigns

With self-serve advertising platforms, industry experts can set up domain-specific campaigns with customized specifications to leverage their full potential. Create and manage campaigns that work in their favor to leverage full advantage of the platform.

No restrictions on entry

Whether you are a small business or a mid-sized company, have a vast budget or want to run a small campaign, self-serve advertising platforms have no entry barriers. You can quickly sign up, set up your objective-specific campaigns, and start advertising your app to drive more traffic.

Freedom to experiment

Having complete control over your campaigns implies that you get the freedom to experiment with them. You can A/B test formats and other parameters to identify what works best for you. Furthermore, you can keep switching between different objectives such as app installs, traffic, and conversions.


Compared to regular programmatic advertising solutions, self-serve advertising platforms are easy to use without the need to require technical expertise. By following simple instructions for campaign creation and customization, even a novice advertiser can start a thriving advertising campaign and start driving traffic, user engagement, and installs.


Self-serve platforms are popular for they offer greater flexibility to the advertisers, allowing them to modify the campaign objective, choose a different revenue model, and change their existing advertising strategies all by themselves.

Premium ad inventory

Self-serve advertising platforms owe the responsibility to connect app advertisers with relevant publishers offering premium ad inventory. It helps advertisers drive maximum traffic to their ads and save the time and effort they invest in searching for ideal customers across relevant and irrelevant campaigns.

Dedicated account managers

Despite being self-serve, some advertising solutions offer a dedicated account manager for each campaign. These managers are available round-the-clock to assist users with their queries and issues related to the account, campaign management, and running ads.

Cost-effective user acquisition

Setting up and running app advertising campaigns with self-serve platforms is considerably cost-effective. As advertisers manage everything by themselves, the expenditure for the campaign manager and other roles is saved. Plus, you may get user acquisition and app installs on self-serve platforms at low costs.

Infinite reach

Self-serve advertising platforms identify your ideal audience across the globe and promote your campaigns across the right audience who are interested in using your app. However, such a platform allows you to customize location preference if you want to target a specific location and demographic.

Highly-converting campaigns

With self-serve advertising platforms, you can get the desired conversion volumes on every campaign by creating and implementing a personalized ad campaign strategy. Also, the best self-serve advertising platforms are by default compliant with Google advertising policies, ensuring no interruption in the ad-serving process.

Robust analytics

Most self-serve advertising platforms offer you comprehensive insights into the campaign performance, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue, etc., in real time. With accurate real-time data and reporting, you are empowered to make data-driven decisions.

CPA model bidding

The best self-serve user acquisition platforms support a range of revenue models like CPI, CPC, CPR, and CPM, and the highly adopted - CPA bidding that strives to bring desired conversions from app campaigns depending on the advertisers’ needs.

Powerful tracking

Self-serve advertising platforms do not require advertisers to rely on an external tracking system. These solutions usually offer an in-built tracking system that offers advertisers in-depth and real-time analytics about their campaign performance. Some even provide third-party tracking.

Top self-serve advertising solutions

Below are some widely-used self-serve advertising platforms.

  1. Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads are some of the best self-serve advertising platforms, enabling you to create and manage your campaigns on social media platforms end-to-end.

  2. Paid search on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing work on Pay-Per-Click or PPC basis. These ads target users based on keywords you choose, and you pay every time a user clicks the ad.

  3. Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) self-serve advertising platforms for advertisers to display ads on billboards. These platforms help you dynamically target ads at individuals walking past them.

GreedyGame’s self-serve advertising platform: GROW

GROW is a self-serve advertising and user acquisition platform that enables app developers to acquire quality users by connecting the app with high-converting traffic worldwide. GROW has a massive global network of over 5000 apps and 300 affiliates, which include premium ad inventory owners that help app campaigns to get desired traffic and conversions. With all these features, GROW guarantees to grow your app and increase its revenue.

Screenshot of the dashboard of GreedyGame's Pubscale self-serve advertising platform displaying various metrics and tools for creating and managing advertising campaigns
Dashboard of GreedyGame's Pubscale self-serve advertising platform
Top benefits of GROW
  • Low cost CPI campaigns starting from INR 1 ($0.013).
  • Programmatic media buying with a smart DSP.
  • Dashboard for real-time performance tracking.
  • Assured growth on every advertising campaign.

Self-serve advertising platforms are becoming highly prevalent with the rapid advancement of AI and people’s increasing reliance on automated solutions. Hence, there are plenty of such advertising platforms to choose from. If you are looking for a powerful and feature-rich self-serve advertising platform, connect with our programmatic advertising experts for the right suggestion.

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