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What is Native Advertising and its brief history

With savvy online customers being interested in active conversation rather than passive promotion, native advertising is gaining traction. Gone are the days people passively get input from various media.

Why? Because it gets results.

According to the Martech series, Native advertising is expected to leap up by a healthy rate of 3% in 2025 when compared to the global ad spend in the year 2021. This is a progressive growth sign for ad tech companies who are into the niche of Native advertising.

What is a native ad?

Those ads designed to match the feel and look of the media format it is published on are called native ads. Native advertising is found on various social media networks/feeds, shopping and food delivery apps. What sets them apart from other app monetization strategies is its key feature of exposing advertising content to the user in the most non-disruptive way possible.

Why is Native Advertising effective?

  • Native ads can help you get higher revenue
  • Native ads are less disruptive in nature and have a 60% higher engagement rate
  • Native ads can improve your user’s experience
  • Native ads have a retention rate that is 3 times higher than banner ads

To understand the future of native advertising, we must delve into its past.


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