Automation Tool for AdMob

A revenue optimization platform that makes AdMob work for you. Not the other way round!


We setup GreedyGame with the objective of helping app developers generate more revenue through better ads. Over the years, we’ve realized it not the lack of high paying ads but the right recipe for ad monetization that prevents publishers from attaining their goals. Since then we’ve worked with developers hand-in-hand understanding how we can bridge this knowledge gap. The culmination of this is SDK X. A product that we hope will streamline your ad-monetization strategy and automate industry first techniques for revenue yield optimization.

Smart Refresh

Maximum Revenue, Minimum Effort

Finding the right refresh rate for each unit requires you to dedicate resources from your team to setup firebase, configure audience cohorts, conduct multiple A/B tests, analyze results, tweak the tests and repeat the process till you find the right refresh value for each ad unit.

SDK X makes management of this process easy. Turn on Smart Refresh to automate the entire test cycle.

Cross Format Mediation

Get the Highest earning Ad for each Placement

One way to improve Fill Rate and eCPM is by making multiple formats compete for the same placement. GreedyGame’s Cross-Format Mediation lets you easily configure multiple formats for the same placement to maximize competition. 

Our auto-pilot feature manages the priority of each format within the waterfall so you always get the highest CPM and Fill Rate for each placement.

Fluid Ad Templates

Templates that adapt to your App and Ad Content

Ratio Adaptive

Template designs adapt to ratio-maintained scaling of the ad unit and different android devices to ensure your ads always render beautifully.

Content Adaptive

Enhance CTRs for Native Ads through dynamic template designs. Template colors adapt to the content of the ad.