SDK X - Ad Revenue Optimization Platform

An all-in-one platform that enables App Developers across the globe to generate more ad revenue by getting the highest earning Ad for each placement, finding the right refresh rate for each unit and automating the ad templates that can adapt any App & Ad Content

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Maximize your app monetization capabilities using a single platform

Improve your Fill Rates & eCPMs

Our Cross-Format Mediation feature easily configures multiple formats for the same placement to maximise competition. It automatically manages the priority of each format within the waterfall in order to get the highest CPM & Fill Rate for each placement


Get right Refresh Rates for each Ad Unit

SDK X is enabled with the Smart Refresh feature, where the platform automatically finds the right refresh value for each ad unit. This helps App developers to maximize revenue with the minimum effort. Turn on Smart Refresh to automate the entire test cycle


Fluid Ad Templates

Our Dynamic Design Templates scale maintaining the ratio of the ad unit & different android devices. This ensures that the ad renders beautifully on every size


Improve Click Through Rates

The Ad Templates automatically adapt to the App & Ad Content. The template core elements like the CTA button fetches the same color as the content of the ad giving it a native look & feel, thus increasing the engagement on it


Mediation between Demand Partners

The platform’s intelligent bid comparison engine configures the best combination of partner and format to serve the highest revenue ad based on real time bids. Choose from a list of 10+ native demand partners


Integrate Native Ads with Ease

With Dynamic Ad templates, App developers can integrate native ads and go live in a matter of hours without taking the hassle of designing and testing ad templates

Why should App Developers switch to SDK - X?

  • Easy & Fast Integration with the app
  • Complaint with Google policies and GDPR, COPPA & CCPA regulations
  • Maximize revenue on remnant unfilled inventory
  • Free optimisation for the first 10 Mn Impressions

Not sure where to start? 

Request a callback to learn how you can monetize your app with ads by integrating the lightweight SDK – X.

Quick Integration

Start monetising quickly by integrating SDK - X in your app. Our account managers will help you with complete on-boarding till you earn your first dollar

Continuous Optimization

Our ML based optimization engine automates the Mediation process. It selects right demand partner & format for your ad placement

Pay as you go

Only pay once you start generating revenue. Get 10 million impressions free for the first month

We’re here for you!

We work 24×7 to solve our partners’ daily ad ops challenges & ensure that they meet their long-term revenue goals.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide a dedicated account manager for assistance; starting from the on-boarding, going live to the day-to-day revenue optimizations

GDPR, COPPA & CCPA Complaint

We comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and e-Privacy Directive when processing data or accessing and/or storing user’s information

Let’s get started

With 7+ years of experience in the mobile ecosystem, GreedyGame has helped more than 200 app publishers increase their ad CTRs, CPMs, and overall ad revenues without compromising on UX. If you are looking to leverage the power of SDK – X in your app, talk to us today