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Acquire high-value users
At GreedyGame, we’ll help you find the balance between paid and organic user acquisition methods. Come up with strategies that are essential for growing a highly engaged user base for your app
Build meaningful relationships
When you are looking to increase your app revenue, flooding it with Ads may not be the best solution. Work with experts to understand the right balance between Ads and user retention. We’ll help you find the right placements and formats that work best for your app
Retention before acquisition
Gaining new users with a low retention rate indicates a very slow growth which eventually leads to a decrease in daily active users. Engage better with your users, gain real time feedback from reviews and other actions within the app to measure user satisfaction
Measure - Attribution and Analytics
Having worked with 1500+ apps, we know what works best in each app category. This knowledge along with results from analysing your existing user base will help us create data-backed optimisations for your app
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“Glad we found good monetisation partner in GreedyGame. Team continuously monitors and optimises the monetisation aspects providing us with timely feedback on the improvements to increase the revenues. With their suggestions, we were able to improve out eCPMs and revenues by 25%. Constant availability, quick response to help us keep our apps violation free and improving revenues everyday has been a hallmark of our engagement with GreedyGame. Look forward to continuous engagement. Thanks to GreedyGame's team.“
- VGMinds TechStudios Pvt Ltd
“GreedyGame makes google developers life easy in terms of app monetization with google. The main issue of direct use of admob is that google will put "Limited Ad served" error on admob account several times. This problem Has been solved by using GreedyGame AdX with better eCPM than admob's eCPM. GreedyGame's support team is awesome. I wish we will work with GreedyGame for a long time.“
- Ilesh Vithani
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With 8+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, GreedyGame has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app. We have helped more than 1500+ app publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.
GreedyGame Media Private Limited,
4th Floor, No.04, Zed Pentagon,
Hosur Main Road, Bommanahalli,
Bengaluru 560068 Karnataka
GreedyGame Media Private Limited,
4th Floor, No.04, Zed Pentagon,
Hosur Main Road, Bommanahalli,
Bengaluru 560068 Karnataka