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At GreedyGame, we help you with personalized monetization for your app. Having worked with 1000’s of app publishers we know the best strategies that work for each category. Getting started with GreedyGame has never been easier.

Step 1 – Schedule a call with our monetization experts
Schedule a 30 min call with our app monetization experts. Learn more about latest strategies and implementations.
Step 2 – Discuss your goals and targets for the app
We’ll audit your app to figure out various placement opportunities. We’ll identify your app’s potential, to ensure maximum revenue.
Step 3 – Start generating revenue
We’ll help you implement the strategy so that you can start earning.
Why should you work with GreedyGame?
GreedyGame has been helping 1000’s of app publishers with personalized monetization strategies for 8+ years. Also, being Google and Facebook partners, we know the industry best practices that work.
Find the right SDK for your app
Getting started with the right SDK makes all the difference. From AdMob to FAN, we’ll help you figure out the right demand partner for your app. Integrating multiple SDK’s can result in increased app size, so finding the right balance helps you retain your audience.
Setup AdMob and FAN
As Google and Facebook partners, we’ll help you set up the respective demands for your app. From tech consultation for SDK integration to revenue optimization, we’ll do help you throughout the way.
Analyse and improve
We provide the right metrics to measure your app performance. This helps us make data-backed tweaks that’ll guarantee desired results. We’ll constantly audit the app for policy violation checks and to identify new placement opportunities.
GreedyGame SDK X
Integrate SDK X with your app and achieve 99.9% fill rates. SDK X reduces latency and render issues thereby increases your fill rates. Also, explore backfill options that’ll ensure you earn the highest dollar for any unit at any given point in time.
Run a free audit and get a detailed eCPM report for your app
800+ apps have already seen a significant increase in their eCPM across various countries. Get yours now!
GreedyGame Media Pvt Ltd,
#2346, 4th floor, 17th Cross Road, 1st Sector,
HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102
GreedyGame Media Pvt Ltd,
#2346, 4th floor, 17th Cross Road, 1st Sector,
HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102