AppDreamers increases its Interstitial revenue by 120% with PLAN-A partnership

Bangla Panjika Paji (পঞ্জিকা) 2020 Calendar-1427



AppsDreamers is an app development company that makes lifestyle, productivity, books, and reference apps. Their most popular app – ‘Bangla Panjika Paji’  is currently ranked in the top 5 in Bangladesh and the top 50 in India and China in the category – Books & Reference. 


Chittagong, Bangladesh

Team Size



AppsDreamers’s team had a lot of monetization ideas but limited bandwidth. They were looking for a partner to design their ad monetization strategy so they could focus on building and improving new apps.

They wanted someone who could cut down weeks spent on validating different monetization strategies through multiple releases. They wanted to identify and act only on the most effective strategies.



Plan A team ran through each and every monetization idea that Appdreamers had. They ran multiple simulations to understand which strategies would benefit them the most. 

Plan A team identified Interstitial as the format with the maximum growth potential. Basis the data collected, Plan A team shared their recommendations for new Interstitial placements.


With just one app update, Appdreamers saw a 125% jump in its revenue.

Overall App Performance



Interstitial Performance



Time Saved

All this was achieved by saving weeks of experimentation and research time using Plan A. Now AppsDreamers team has enough time to focus on what’s important – new features to delight their users.

We are a small team and we tried a couple of different strategies to boost our earning. But could not achieve our goal after a certain level. So after working with GreedyGame they suggested some strategy that was very simple to adopt. After following those the result was fantabulous and we found an almost 2x increase in our earning. Now we can understand what to do next and what we should follow. Another important thing was their communication was so smooth that we can discuss whatever we want.

Sourav Palit

CEO, AppsDreamers

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