Plan A solves policy violations for Hangover Studios within 20 days

Mega Ramp Car Stunts Racing: Impossible Tracks 3D

Hangover Studios


Hangover Studios is a gaming and animation development company in India. They have been active since 2014. They develop and publish a wide array of games crossing various genres like casual, puzzle, RPG, skill, arcade, racing, action, adventure, strategy etc. across all platforms.

All of their games are highly ranked on Google Play and have been installed more than 10 million times.


Hyderabad, India

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Hangover Studio was facing multiple policy violations on their apps.
AdMob issued a clear warning to disrupt ad serving immediately if the violations are not resolved. These affected apps contributed to over 80% of accounts revenue.

Hangover studio was aware that these policy violations were related to incorrect ad implementations for their banner and rewarded ad formats. But they were unsure which ad units specifically were the reason and how to resolve these in the right manner.



Plan A consultants first identified the exact ad units responsible for policy violation out of all the rewarded and banner ads in the apps.

We then created an ad implementation plan to resolve these issues. The focus was on resolving policy violation without taking any revenue loss (or removing ad units directly).

We also helped the publisher with the review process. This was successful and helped restore the account to normal status in 20 days.


‘Mega Ramp Car Stunts Racing: Impossible Tracks 3D’ and ‘Shooting Master – free shooting games’ which are their top apps are running successfully.

All policy violations were resolved within 20 days of the issue.

Time Saved

By consulting experts at Plan A, Hangover Studios were able to save hours of experimentation and research to find the right strategy to resolve their policy violations. Now they can spend more time focusing on building new games.

GreedyGame helped us in solving AdMob policy violations very quickly and saved a lot of time to find the right strategy to resolve them.


CEO, Hangover Studios

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