Using Plan A, Innovana TechLabs sees a 2X jump in ad revenue

Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology App

Innovana TechLabs


Innovana TechLabs is a public listed company that makes mobile and web applications. They have a diverse range of tech products, from security software for PCs to productivity apps, utility apps and casual games for mobile. 


Jaipur, India

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Tarot cards Reading and Numerology app is a highly engaging app with user base primarily in the U.S.A.. They built a monetization model with a mix of IAPs and ad revenue.

They wanted to increase their revenue from non-IAP users without affecting the experience of or revenue from IAP users.



Plan A experts analyzed current ad strategy with Innovana TechLabs to identify two opportunities.

Show Rate for Medium Rectangle banner was low compared to same-genre apps and additional scope to create new ad placements without affecting IAPs. Plan A experts shared their recommendations to address both opportunities.


With Plan A team’s proactive guidance, Innovana TechLabs was able to maximize revenue for its non-IAP users

Overall App Performance



Time Saved

With days worth of effort saved due to Plan A expertise, Innovana TechLabs could now focus on building new features to improve ROI from IAP users.

GreedyGame helped us find the exact problem with specific formats. The increase in show rate not only helped us in getting good impressions but during the whole Covid-19 situation, where CPMs are not that favourable globally, we still maintained our ad revenue and now we’ve doubled our revenues. We totally recommend GreedyGame and wish to work with them in the future as well. This is just the beginning!

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Anushri Tayal

Project Manager, Innovana TechLabs

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