MindYourLogic increases their revenue by 40% with just 1 app update

Mr. Detective : Detective Games and Criminal Cases



MindYourLogic is an indie game developer famous for its puzzle games. They have 5 apps on the Google Play Store and are building more. 


Mumbai, India

Team Size



MindYourLogic wanted to increase revenue for its game – ‘Mr. Detective’. They already have 99% fill rate and all formats implemented within their game.

They knew their current revenue distribution was lower through banner ads and rewarded video but did not know what more could be done.



Plan A experts compared the placement strategy and ad unit performance for Mr. Detective with games from the same genre across the Play Store.

With the help of Plan A experts, MindYourLogic was able to identify new placements for rewarded video and implementation changes for banner ads to increase revenue. 


Mr. Detective has become their most successful app till date.

Overall App Performance



Banner Performance

Rewarded Performance

Revenue          CPM

+75%                +70%



Time Saved

MindYourLogic saved hours of experimentation to find the right strategy that would work for them helping them focus on what’s important – building new puzzles for their audiences.

We wanted a better ad strategy and GreedyGame Plan A team analyzed our game for it. They suggested improvements in our gameplay, ad placements, mediation strategies and latest releases. Their insights were very helpful which led to a significant increase in our revenues.


CEO, MindYourLogic

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