Going all in with Plan A, Teslatech doubles its interstitial revenue by focusing on improving CPMs

Callbreak Multiplayer



TeslaTech is a game developer based out of Nepal known for its popular game ‘Callbreak Multiplayer’. With 75 Million+ downloads, this game has been features on the Play Store top charts multiple times. It has held the #1 position on the card category in India and China for more than a year and continues to hold one of the top 3 positions in the card category even know.


Lalitpur, Nepal

Team Size



Teslatech’s small team had a limited amount of time to dedicate to identify new revenue sources. They were looking for a partner who could help them rapidly design, test, and implement new strategies.

Their only condition was to find ways of improving revenue without adding more ad-network SDKs or adding new placements.



With the condition in place, Plan A experts analyzed Callbreak Multiplayer data to find areas of improvement in the current AdMob Setup.

On analysis a key opportunity was identified – Interstitial, as a format, contributed to more than 70% to the game’s overall revenue but the current CPMs were low. Plan A experts created their recommendation to improve CPMs for interstitials.


Plan A was the edge that Teslatech was looking for pushing Callbreak Multiplayer a step closer to their revenue goals

Interstitial Performance





Time Saved

By consulting experts at Plan A, Teslatech was able to save hours of experimentation and research to find the right strategy to increase their revenue and now has more time to focus on building new features for Callbreak Multiplayer

Working with GreedyGame has been quite fruitful for our team. The first reconfiguration suggested by them has increased our interstitial ad CPM to 200%. I believe any publisher would achieve the same result with the exact configuration. We are already experimenting with another suggestion which I’m sure will further improve our ad performance.

Sujan Shakya

CEO, TeslaTech

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