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Accelerate your app growth and monetization

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Accelerate your app growth and monetization

Unparalleled global reach

With 10+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, GreedyGame has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app and website. We have helped more than 1500+ publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.


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Trusted by top publishers

CSC Mobi
Deguci Games
ABI Game Studio
Falcon Game Studio
Gamee Studio
Game Studio
Royale Software
Mist Rewards
Gohli Software
Rummy Circle
Happy Adda
Red Flex

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Earn incremental revenue with Immersive Ads

Maximize earnings with non-intrusive in-game ads that enhance, not disrupt, gameplay. Effortlessly integrate our lightweight SDK and start monetizing unused game spaces. See 30% revenue growth and maintain player engagement!

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Earn incremental revenue with Immersive Ads

Acquire users with GROW

Maximize your users with GROW, a premium mobile DSP that helps you to connect with the right target audience for your app. It supports multiple pricing models, and tracking capabilities to scale your mobile marketing campaigns.

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Acquire users with GROW

Engage users with Offerwall

Boost in-game economy and retention with our Offerwall platform. Enjoy high eCPMs, seamless rewards, and AI-powered personalized offers. Start earning within 3 hours and engage users with 5K+ offers globally.

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Engage users with Offerwall

Monetize with AdX

GreedyGame, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, offers Google Ad Manager (GAM) to help you achieve an average 95% fill rate and boost eCPM by 20-40% for your apps, websites, and games. Get exclusive access to 15+ premium demand partners and ad networks with our RTB-enabled platform.

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Monetize with AdX

Add games and earn with PLUG

Increase user engagement and revenue by adding 50+ trending, easy-to-play games to your app. Integrate in 15 minutes and start monetizing globally from Day 1 with no impact on app size.

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Add games and earn with PLUG

Top apps we work with

Car Parking
Survivor In Rainbow Monster
Draw Police
Doll Makeover
MiniCraft: Blocky Craft 2024
456 Run Challenge: Clash 3D
Home Pin 2: Family Adventure
Galactic Dorm
Run Now
Ball V - Red Boss Challenge
Kawaii Hotspring - Simulation
Toilet Makeover
Cash Wolf - Get Rewarded
Ludo Rewards
Rich Rewards
Sports Guru
Pocket Pay
Diamond Wala
Magnet Miner
The Parachute
Wild Fish
Wishing Well
Grab A Toy
Great Tiles
Super Car Escape
Ball Sort

Check what our partners have to say

Founder, Deguci Games

PubScale's Immersive Ads SDK has been a game-changer for us at Deguci Games. Their seamless integration and tailored design have boosted revenue and player engagement. We plan to integrate PubScale's solution across our app portfolio. Their support has been invaluable, and we're quite happy with the results!

Founder, Deguci Games
Founder, Sports Guru Pro

PubScale's Offerwall has had a significant impact on our business. The seamless integration has boosted our user engagement. Their Offerwall uplifted our revenue by 75%. We're satisfied with the results!

Founder, Sports Guru Pro
Founder, Basketball Shooting

Our experience with PubScale's Immersive Ads SDK has been nothing short of transformative. The seamless integration and tailored design have boosted revenue and engagement. No ANRs or crashes were faced during integration. We're satisfied with the results!

Founder, Basketball Shooting
Founder, Rayole

Integrating Pubscale's Offerwall was our best decision yet. Our revenue surged thanks to premium offers with high conversion rates. Users love the diverse options, enhancing satisfaction. Seamless integration and dedicated support made the process effortless. Highly recommended for revenue growth and user engagement.

Founder, Rayole
An Nguyen, Gameloft

GreedyGame has a strong supportive team to work with. We are really happy to work with them as Google MCM and we will definitely recommend their services to others if possible.

An Nguyen, Gameloft
Phạm Tiến Đạt, Dmobin Studio

We have had a good experience with PubScale's Immersive Ads SDK at Dmobin Studio. Their custom design integration has not only improved our overall revenue but also opened up a new revenue stream. We plan to implement PubScale's solution across our entire game portfolio, and we are happy with their exceptional support, which has left us thoroughly satisfied and impressed

Phạm Tiến Đạt, Dmobin Studio

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