On a Mission to Empower Mobile Developers to Build the Best Content

We envision a world where content creators can develop world-changing apps and build the most engaging games without constantly worrying about revenue.


By building a monetization platform that developers can
Trust to be transparent, stable and accurate.
Expect easy-to-use and innovative solutions to their core problems.

Meet our Mentors

Ankit Nagori

Founder, Cure.fit,

Ravi Garikipati

Founder, Davinta Finance
ex-CTO, Flipkart

Sujeet Kumar

Founder Udaan.com,

Meet the Team

Arpit Jain


Siddharth Gupta


Arpit Chaudhary


Pace of Innovation separates the good from the GREAT!

We, as a company, see ourselves as leading a movement to build a platform that can make lives of mobile content creators truly free of monetization woes, no matter their size. We know this is no easy task. We know we can’t build this alone. Which is why we are looking for people who are inspired to innovate in the mobile ad industry and love what they do. We work hard, aim high and look out for each other as a family. Because, we know together is better.