GreedyGame’s Premium App Program

Boost your app to the next level with expert guidance and dedicated account management.
What is the Premium Apps Program
The premium apps program can help you boost your app business with 30 days dedicated account management support - end to end solution for your app.
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What do you get?
Free optimization on SDK X
30 days free access to Google AdX demand
Free consultancy on Google Ads scaling techniques
Free Plan A consultancy - Ad placement suggestions | Policy Compliance | Firebase consulting | UI/UX audit of apps by Google app experts
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Is my App eligible?
To be eligible to apply for the GreedyGame’s Premium Apps Program, a publisher must have:
At least one app with a monthly revenue of $15000 or greater
An app with a unique selling point
Play store ratings of 4+ for the app
100,000+ downloads
Apply for GreedyGame’s premium program.
Get management support and expert guidance for your apps.
Ad Revenue Optimization Platform
An all-in-one platform that enables App Developers & Publishers across the globe to generate more ad revenue without hampering user experience & improving retention.
Improve your Fill Rates & eCPMs
Our Cross-Format Mediation feature easily configures multiple formats for the same placement to maximise competition. It automatically manages the priority of each format within the waterfall in order to get the highest CPM & Fill Rate for each placement.
Use A/B testing to improve each aspect of your Ad
With SDK X, test different formats, placements and demand partners to identify the best fit for your app. This ensures that you always have the best performing ads with the right partners at the right placements to ensure maximum yield.
Integrate Native Ads with ease
With Dynamic Ad templates, App developers can integrate native ads and go live in a matter of hours without taking the hassle of designing and testing ad templates.
More Control over your data!
Take control of your ads, target based on country, state, manufacturers, etc. Analyse past data using the Information logs to plan future ads. By integrating SDK X your Ads become Policy Compliant by default.