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9 Google AdSense Alternatives For Website Publishers

Sabqat Ruba

Updated on August 11, 2023

9 Google AdSense Alternatives For Website Publishers
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If you have a working website or a blog, an easy way to monetize it is by running ads. Monetization through ads is a lucrative option that most website publishers currently use. Google AdSense is one of the most sought-after tools for website monetization, owing to its reliability in many aspects.

However, in this blog post, we’ll discuss why you might want to use a Google AdSense alternative and the best alternatives in the market for bloggers and website publishers.

Why do you need an AdSense alternative?

Although very popular, AdSense does have a few limitations that could come in the way of smooth and continuous monetization of your website.

  • Rejected application: If you need an AdSense account, you must ensure that your website has enough content and it is appropriate.

  • Banned account: AdSense has strict rules and policies to prevent ad fraud and protect advertisers from pretend publishers. Thus, there are chances that you might be banned for something you did unintentionally.

  • Limited customizations: While many tools offer the ability to modify ad units by color and size to tailor them to the look and feel of your website, AdSense has limited capabilities of this kind.

  • Minimum payout constraint: AdSense requires you to earn a minimum amount of revenue (at least $100) before receiving a payout from the platform. This amount is higher when compared to some other platforms.

  • Revenue sharing: AdSense works on the revenue sharing model. You receive only 68% of the revenue generated, and the remaining amount is AdSense’s share, which is higher than most platforms similar to AdSense.

Additionally, if you wish to have diversified sources of demand for added revenue, you might want to opt for a platform other than Google AdSense. Below is a list of some top AdSense alternatives and equivalents.

Ad space or ad inventory refers to specific areas inside an app where ads can be displayed. App developers can deploy containers called ad units on the ad space to display in-app ads. Ad units can accommodate in-app mobile ads in various formats. Let’s learn more about them.

9 best AdSense alternatives

GreedyGame AdX

: Best for tier-2 and tier-3 websites

GreedyGame AdX is a website and app monetization platform trusted by thousands of publishers. It accepts websites with appropriate content and design and does not require a traffic threshold. The minimum payout allowed is $100 per month; if less, payouts are made in 60 days. GreedyGame AdX supports web interstitials, parallax, sticky footer, and page push down (PPD) formats.

Sovrn Commerce

: Recommended for new websites

Earlier called VigLink, Sovrn Commerce is an excellent option for beginner websites. You can choose between CPC (cost per click) and CPI (cost per impression) models and a variety of ad formats, including display and video ads. The minimum payout is as low as $10 through PayPal and $50 if you choose direct deposits.


: Recommended for new as well as established websites

PropellerAds is best known for popunder ads that run under the current browser window and appear when the window is closed.

It also has options for other targeted and untargeted ads, supporting formats like native, video, and banner.

The platform easily approves your account and has a minimum payout of just $5. Moreover, it does not require minimum site traffic, which implies that it is a useful AdSense alternative for low-traffic websites.


: Recommended for new publishers

ylliX is a self-serve platform offering various types of desktop ads, including banners, pop-ups, and anchor ads. It also has minimal entry criteria, allows daily payouts, and has a minimum payout limit of just $1. You can run ads based on impressions, clicks, or actions and do not need a minimum amount of traffic to join ylliX.


: Recommended for mid-sized blogs

Monumetric is one of the best AdSense alternatives for bloggers, especially mid-sized. It works on the cost-per-impression model, where you get paid whenever a user sees an ad. With highly-targeted ads, the platform ensures high earnings on impressions.

Monumetric’s entry criteria include a minimum of 10 thousand page views per month, and it allows a minimum payout of $10.


: Recommended for lifestyle blogs

With strict policies to prevent fraud and protect advertiser brand image, Mediavine is a good option for big and small lifestyle bloggers.

It offers highly targeted ads in the lifestyle niche, such as health, fashion, food, and other areas.

Mediavine takes in blogs with at least 50,000 page views in a month, which is relatively higher than some other AdSense competitors. Also, it offers a minimum payout of $25.

: Recommended for well-established blogs

If you are an established blogger with visitors majorly from the U.S., U.K., and Canada and have quality content and design, is a great alternative to AdSense. It specializes in contextual advertising and offers other formats such as display and native ads.

In essence, the central selling point is that the platform gives you access to Bing and Yahoo ad networks.

Like AdSense, supports a minimum payout of $100 and provides a similar overall experience in terms of features, quality, and earnings.


: Recommended for websites with high traffic

If your website is in English, has high-quality content and design, and consistently receives a good amount of traffic (at least 100,000 visits a month), you can quickly sign up with BuySellAds. It is a self-serve platform that takes 25% of your revenue as a service fee and allows a minimum payout of $20 through PayPal.


: Best for bidding campaigns

Setupad employs the header bidding setup to connect publishers with advertisers and enables you to earn at least 30% more than Google AdSense. Some of the ad formats it supports are rich media ads, video ads, and display ads.

Setupad requires you to fulfill the prerequisite of 100,000 visits per month on your website. Furthermore, you can receive a payout in 30 days if your earnings are at least €100; otherwise, payments are generated every 60 days.

While you can do a lot with Google AdSense, there are other platforms that offer more or even the same features at a lesser cost. Try a few and compare the results before you finalize one for your website. And if you wish to diversify your revenue sources, using an AdSense alternative is a safe choice.

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